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Aug 29
Mako is now 10 months old and wondering why I keep pointing that thing at her.

Mako is now 10 months old and wondering why I keep pointing that thing at her.

Aug 27

I want something to go right today.

I tried to get a little extra sleep after getting the kid off to her first day of school this year. First time in weeks I’ve allowed myself to take a nap and I had nightmares.

My therapy appointment got canceled for reasons not my own.

Kid’s bus was late, got an email from the school 20 minutes after she should have been home that the busses had only left 5 minutes before that. Instead of dropping her off near the beginning of the trip like the schedule said they would she was dropped off nearly last.

Because of the above we missed the martial arts class I help teach and she takes.

My stomach has decided to rebel.

Kid just dropped the iPad Air in the bathroom where she wasn’t supposed to take it any way. Going to have to replace the screen and I think I have a glass shard in my finger now. 

I think I am beginning to get a migraine. My hands hurt more than normal and I am missing key strokes that I shouldn’t be. 

I have an upset kid and the other half isn’t due home from work for another couple of hours due to extra meetings. 

My pear tree actually has pears on it!  All of four, but as the last couple of years we didn’t get any I’ll be happy with that. On the other hand there are no peaches on the peach tree and we’ve been getting a lot of peaches with more than just skin over the stones for the last few years. And the apple tree has one apple I could find. 

Aug 26

I keep seeing the latest FB thing that basically says ‘oh we are boing so supportive to those that need it, those people that have all ways been there for us probably need us the most etc … so don’t share this copy and past it! I did this for a friend so you can too!’

Right now it feels like a passive aggressive attack every time I see it. I’m not suicidal, so it could be worse. I’m not having full blown panic attacks, just nausea and increased heart rate (when trying to watch the beginning of Thor. wtf brain?!) I’m in a fairly privileged position, other people have it so much worse.

Yeah, I’m bad at asking for help from most people. Given the above responses it is not hard to see why. Add to that the oh you do martial arts but need help lifting the bag of cat litter? insert weird side eye thing here. Outside a few people if I mention that I am having trouble keeping the house clean the advice I get is to take it in pieces from people who know my hands and wrists don’t work right. That have been told that I can’t do certain things, like scrubbing, with out the risk of losing the use of my hands faster.

So I see that post and wonder if the people posting it have actually read it. Actually noticed the people in their lives it describes that could use that extra little bit of cheer or help. Because they haven’t noticed me. 

Aug 25

If anyone has recommendations for non angsty, happy ending stories, with good characters I would really appreciate it.

I just need to be able to read it on an iPad. My normal comfort reads are out because I can’t hold the books opens with my hands/wrists acting up.

Mako was trying to eat my toes as Letters looked on.

Mako was trying to eat my toes as Letters looked on.

Aug 24

"Unlike the rest of you my crotch is not fire resistant." ~ gnome bard while fighting fire elementals.

Aug 23

Pyrite | ©José Sánchez Jiménez
María mine, Gilico, Cehegin, Murcia, Spain.

First though was ‘what pretty D8s can’t read them though.’ 


Pyrite | ©José Sánchez Jiménez

María mine, Gilico, Cehegin, Murcia, Spain.

First though was ‘what pretty D8s can’t read them though.’ 

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Aug 21

Get to know me

Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people! (don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them)

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Name:I respond to Io, Iolite, Seraph, Seraphinite
Birthday: December
Favourite color: That blue when the sunlight hits the compressed ice in the crevasse of a glacier
Lucky numbers: Don’t really have one
Height: 5’8”
Talents: I am good at beadwork, crafting and sewing. And drilling martial arts basics in to kidlets?
Last dream you remember:  No specifics but certainly the consequence of main lining MCU movies yesterday >_>
Can you juggle:Not well!
Art/sports/both: Art, which would include martial arts as well, just to be a pain. More traditional sports not so much.
Do you like writing:Yes, but I tend not to get very far when writing alone.
Do you like dancingYes.
Do you like singing: Yes, but I am awful :D

Dream vacation: There are lots of places I’d love to visit, but I would love to be able to spend more time on Kauai, maybe with a brief trip to the Big Island to pay respects to Pele.

Dream gal:(As a romantic interest?) I guess it boils down to real people have always ended up much more interesting and fulfilling than any of my dream versions.

Dream wedding: I have had my dream wedding, the only thing I would have changed was for my sister to be able to make it.

Dream pet:Savannah Cat or Russian Fox.
Dream job: “What do I want to do when I grow up?” Been trying to figure this out for years.

Favourite song: Ummm … to many?  
Favourite album: Err, I can’t remember what song are on what album anymore. IPod is always set to everything and random. It gets a little weird sometimes.

Last song you heard on the radio: I can’t remember, whatever was playing the local mix station.

Least favourite song: I don’t have a particular one.

Least favourite album: Dunno.
Least favourite artist: Again don’t have one.

Guys/girls/both: Yes
Hair colour:Clean.

Eye colour: Yes?
Humorous/serious: Humorous
Taller/shorter:Taller, but it is not important.
Biggest turn-off: Willful ignorance/stupidity, uncalled-for rudeness, malicious demeanor. – I am keep nineprotons’ answer because it is perfect.
Biggest turn-on:Sense of humor, intelligence, kindness.

Tagging: consider yourself tagged if you wish!

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