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Sep 21

My latest Sims project. 

I think this is the first time I’ve finished a house in one night. XD My challenge to myself this time was to keep it small and fairly simple.

Finding an RP partner who runs with your batshit crazy ideas is like finding the holy grail.










einar-fox and stuckonstones


captain-ameribun and einar-fox

You know it is a ‘good’ day when you have two pieces of chocolate and unwrap one then go back sometime later to have the second to find you’ve thrown out the chocolate and have an empty wrapper on the desk.

What on earth is the cat thinking about?

What on earth is the cat thinking about?

Sep 20

Does anybody know of a game that has the option for multi player but you can see all the content in single player. (Like Diablo I guess)

The main problem is I have hand/wrist issues and the constant clicking of Diablo hurts and exacerbates long term problems. The controls for WoW or SWTOR are decent as long as it doesn’t get as intense as raiding. 

The ME trilogy is out because there are certain scenes that give me vertigo. I only got though it the once with a friend’s help. 

So I guess it comes down to I want a pretty game that I can play alone and have the option of playing with friends but don’t need to interact with strangers. No true horror and not depressing … because that is so specific :p Oh and no first person shooters.

Sep 19

At the the studio I go to we are announcing a new meditation class. The white board has all the information and a note from the instructor: “Let’s get it OM!”

nineprotons It made me think of you. :D

Sep 18
Letters has decided I don&#8217;t get to move.

Letters has decided I don’t get to move.

Sep 17

Got my flu shot today. In the left arm because I’m right handed. So I am in bed talking to the other half then go to turn over to read for a bit. And Geez that hurts - that’s right I’m supposed to remember to ask for the shot on the other side because I SLEEP on my left. Apparently not tonight :p

Sep 16

Mako and Letters hanging out in one of their favorite places.

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